Asos Harsin

Asos Harsin's story

Asos fled Kurdistan

Asos Harsin, originally from Kurdistan, embarked on a new chapter in his life at a young age. With safety concerns prompting their departure, Asos and his family sought refuge in the Netherlands. When his parents returned to Kurdistan, Asos found a guiding light in his nephew, who was also residing in the Netherlands.

Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer

Asos Harsin’s upbringing was deeply influenced by his parents’ adherence to traditional career paths. The expectations set upon him were to pursue esteemed professions such as becoming a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. However, despite the lack of confidence that accompanied his decision, Asos charted a different course by venturing into the world of network marketing. He began his entrepreneurial journey with ACN, a network marketing business, fully aware that staying stagnant would only hinder his personal growth. Although he encountered formidable challenges and experienced setbacks along the way, Asos persisted.

Reaching the summit

After years with the company, Asos Harsin’s network marketing business, ACN, began to thrive. The risk he took paid off as the company experienced exponential growth, quickly expanding its reach to include thousands of individuals worldwide and $200 million in revenue. 

Sharing the stage with Darren Hardy, Les Brown and Robert Kiyosaki

Through his network marketing company, Asos Harsin had the opportunity to build international teams and establish connections with leading business experts from around the world. He was amazed to reflect on his humble beginnings as a Kurdish refugee working as an uneducated pizza delivery person, and now finding himself sharing the stage with renowned entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump.

The pivot

After achieving remarkable milestones, including generating over 200 million in revenue and leading a vast sales force, Asos realized that he had reached a point where he had maximized his value within the company. Seeking a new challenge and driven by his passions, he set out to explore new industries. With unwavering determination, Asos embarked on a transformative journey, focusing his efforts on three key industries that ignited his enthusiasm. This marked the beginning of his pursuit of genuine success and the foundation of his role as a co-founder of RAA Investments, where he continues to make a positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to sustainable growth.

Proud Kurd, father, husband, muslim and socialite

The defining moment occurred when Asos recognized his desire to create a positive impact on both individuals and the environment, shifting his focus beyond mere profitability. This pivotal realization prompted a change in his investment mindset, leading him to prioritize sustainability, real estate, and education as the key sectors he sought to make a difference in. With involvement in a myriad of remarkable projects, Asos has now emerged as a co-founder of RAA Investments, poised to embark on a transformative journey that is only in its nascent stages.

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