Asos Harsin

The fear test

Why does fear matter?

Have you ever wanted to do something really bad but ended up not doing it? Most of us have had this moment. But most of us have had these moments too much.

The vast majority of people is not only stopped by fear, but lead by fear. We’ve used fear as an indication to warn us from something dangerous. A loud sound warns you to probably get away. The fear of heights tells you: “this is dangerous, you could die here”. The fear we feel before doing something new is warning you…what if it doesn’t work out? But that’s the risk we have to take. We should strive for excellence despite the risk of perhaps failing. Even if we fail, we assess, we learn and we try again in a continuous cycle. Without overcoming fear, we can’t grow further than who we are now.

What the fear test will do for you.

The fear test is made to help you better understand the way you are making decisions and whether fear is leading your decision making. At the end of the test you will be given a percentage according to your answers. The higher the percentage, the less fear is impacting your decision making. Based on your percentage, you will be given advice on how to improve and practice decision making that distances yourself from the intense fear emotion and rather helps you to keep your cool, even in moments of stress. So that you can make decisions like a true leader: calm and collected.

At a crucial phase in my life the positive influence of Asos impacted my life in such a way that I forever will be grateful for his leadership.
Arash Amini
Coming from the Dutch paratroopers I don’t follow everyone but Asos has opened my eyes so many times that I don’t where I would be without his mentorship early in my career.
Dani Balogun
The luck in my life was that I reached out to asos when I was 15 years old and I asked him to mentor me and now I am a happy 29 year old businessman with a beautiful family. His influence has been crucial in my life.
Rutney Sluis
Public speaker & Entrepreneur