Asos Harsin

The Leadership test

A leader leads himself first

Are you wondering why life is happening to you instead of you creating the life you deeply desire. Then chances are that you’re not taking responsibility for your actions.

Leadership isn’t just about leading people, it starts with being a leader yourself. By taking ownership of your path and leading yourself towards your desired direction. By acknowledging your mistakes and accepting your flaws. By picking yourself up when you fell. Again and again. 

If you want to take control over your life, leadership is not an option. It’s a requirement. Take it from a Kurdish-refugee/ex-pizza-delivery-guy.’

What you'll get from the leadership test

The Leadership Test contains questions about your personality and preferences. The more your answers demonstrate personal leadership, the higher your score. The closer your score is to 100, the more you’re taking responsibility and acting like a leader. After doing the test, you will receive your results through email plus personal advice on how to become a better leader based on my experience of mentoring thousands of people around the world.