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Why RAA Investments

At RAA Investment, our mission is to optimize shareholder value by placing equal importance on the welfare of people, the planet, profit, community, and clients. We believe in fostering enduring relationships built on trust and shared principles. Our investment strategy is centered around generating positive impact, creating value, and nurturing relationships. We are dedicated to making a constructive and lasting difference in society while remaining flexible to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

How we operate

At RAA Private Equity, our investment approach is grounded in our core values of impact, profit, and relationships. We aim to foster long-term relationships based on trust and shared principles. Our commitment to making a positive impact on society, delivering exceptional performance, and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients drives how we operate. Discover how our values guide our investment strategies and operations.

Our industries

Investing in sustainability offers investors a unique opportunity to generate meaningful returns while making a positive impact on society and the environment. With the increasing focus on responsible investment practices, sustainable development, and community engagement, ESG investing has become a popular investment option for investors looking to make a difference.

With one of our projects, the Enev Kit, we help buildings achieve their sustainability goals by implementing a smart elevator system that reduces power waste.

Education is an ever-growing industry that presents numerous investment opportunities. With the increasing demand for quality education worldwide, investing in education can provide investors with a long-term and stable return on investment. Education also has a significant impact on the future of society, as it shapes the next generation of leaders and innovators. By investing in education, investors can play a crucial role in improving educational outcomes, supporting academic research, and promoting innovation.


With one of our daughter companies, Sluis NLP Instituut, we help people untie the psychological knots people have given themselves to release their inner potential. We have been chosen as the #1 trainer of the Netherlands in 2022. Click here to read more about our mission in education. 

Real estate has always been a popular investment option, but the current shortage in the housing market has made it an even more attractive asset class for investors. With a growing demand for housing and limited supply, real estate investors have the opportunity to capitalize on a market that is in high demand. Moreover, real estate offers the potential for both capital appreciation and stable income streams, making it a versatile investment option. Unlike other investment vehicles, real estate provides investors with a tangible asset that can be managed and leveraged for long-term financial gains. By focusing on responsible investment practices, sustainable development, and community engagement, investors can make a positive impact on the industry while generating meaningful returns. With low interest rates and a favorable market outlook, real estate investment offers an excellent opportunity to build long-term wealth.


With one of our daughter companies, University Housing, we help both domestic and international students in this time of housing shortage find a comfortable new stay. 

Click here to read more about our mission in Real Estate.

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